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NKALA Environmental is an engineering, consulting and educational firm that offers products and services to empower and encourage those who are seeking appropriate technical solutions to real-life challenges. NKALA meets these challenges head on with our focus on green living, energy and resource conservation, holistic health as well as ancestral Afrikan living systems (homestead living).

NKALA Engineering Solutions

Have you ever considered building a rainwater harvesting system? Or a greywater recycling system? Can you make your own biofuel? Does getting off of the grid and taking full responsibility for the needs of your household sound like a worthy challenge? NKALA Environmental specializes in turning these ideas into reality. Contact us today for solutions to your environmental needs.

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Free science/engineering/math homework help. Ask your question here, then check for the response in the NKALA Knowledge Center.

Afrikan Centered Mathematics

Check out NKALA's new ebook - Numbers and Nature: A Guide to Counting in Four Afrikan Languages, a must-have for your Afrikan centered educational resource library.

Online Tutorials

Check out NKALA's proven online learning system!

Environmental News

Rwanda bans plastic bags

Plastic bags are hazardous to manufacture, take hundreds of years to decompose, are a nuisance for farms, a blight on cities, and extremely harmful to animals when ingested. In tropical countries, they can be breeding grounds for malarial mosquitos. Rwanda became the first African country to take action on plastic bags when it imposed an outright ban in 2008.


Rwanda could be Africa’s cleanest country thanks to ‘Umuganda’

November 10, 2014 — Rwanda’s "Umuganda" program is contributing to the transformation of the country. Citizens below the age of 65 participate in community service which is a way of bringing people together, and caring for the environment


Solar Panel Manufacturing in Kenya

A solar panel manufacturing company has transformed lives of Naivasha residents. Ubbink is the only manufacturer of PV solar panels in East and Central Africa and is a joint venture of Ubbink BV, a subsidiary of Centrotec Sustainable AG and Chloride Exide (Kenya) Ltd.


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